Laura takes the jewels to IJL!

Laura recently exhibited at International Jewellery London, and showed all of her collections, including her newly launched Dainty Collection. It was a great show and we took on a number of new stockists who will have Laura Gravestock jewels winging their way to them very soon!

A snap of the bestselling Written collection on the new little London skyline display, and our beautiful Promise collection!


Georgie makes a Love ring

Today Laura taught me how to make one of her very popular Love rings from the Written range!

The first stage was to cut the silver wire so it was ready to be soldered together, I learnt about cutting at the correct angles so that the different parts sit together properly when soldered and bending the wire into just the right curves.

Georgie-BendingThen the next part is to lay everything onto honeycomb board and solder it together (whilst trying not to set fire to anything – see, no flames)!


Once all the letters were soldered together, I then had to file down any sharp edges so that the ring isn’t scratchy when worn.

Georgie-filingAfter all the edges are smoothed, it’s a case of hammering the ring around a mandrel into the right size. I’m making a midi ring so I made mine quite small so that it could sit on my index finger just after my first knuckle.

Georgie-hammeringOnce all the kinks are smoothed out and the ring is sized correctly, the ring has to be soldered together and then popped into the polisher.

Georgie-polishingHaving not made jewellery before I was a bit shaky doing all the fiddly bits – but I am very proud with the result! The ring has now been sent off to be gold plated – watch this space to see how my first ring turns out…

And here’s the finished article!!

The finished article!

How do you wear yours?

How do you wear yours?! Here's how we like to wear ours...

How do you wear yours?! Here’s how we like to wear ours…

Stacker rings provide a good opportunity to be your own jewellery curator – show your personality by adding a ring with a little bit of cheekiness. We’ve been going crazy for the new Stacker range…piling as many on as our digits will allow. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

Don’t be afraid to put a few differing styles on your fingers – we’ve been teaming the Stacker range with the Struck collection and even our Promise cocktail ring for a bit of colour. We particularly love the ‘first knuckle ring’ grazing our index finger, what do you think?

We’ve displayed our rings on Laura’s beautiful purple Cambridge Batchel which we’re in love with right now.


We’ve got a whole lotta love on our hands in this photo – the Written Heart ring & Heart Charm stacker ring are joined by the delicate Written Love ring and the Struck ring. We’ve also used a Stacker Band as a first knuckle ring, keeping the Written Star ring company.

We love the mix of gold and silver & the different looks we can create with a range of rings – don’t be afraid to mix it up a little!


Now that Spring is officially here, it’s out with the old and in with the new – and what better way to update your collection of accessories than by filling your jewellery box with the daintily feminine Gem Stacker rings from our exciting new collection. Share them across several knuckles or wear a few on the same finger – the great thing is, it’s all up to you.

We think we’ve struck gold with this particular look – an electric Struck ring on the middle finger, a dainty Labradorite Gem Charm and Tiny Heart Charm ring on the ring finger and a Silver Written Heart ring on the pinkie.