Let’s get personal!

We’ve had a flurry of requests for personalised pieces of late, and after Laura tweeted a picture of her gold D&L ring, the personalised rings have become one of our most popular items!

D&L ringOur customers love to create something that is really unique to them, and if it’s good enough for fashion stylist Laura Puddy from Cosmopolitan magazine (she has her very own L&N ring), then it’s good enough for us!



…a personalised ring on the way to its new owner

And the personalisation doesn’t stop at rings – we’ve got a whole selection of pieces that you can commission with a word or name of your choice – we’ve found that the personalised bracelets make brilliant bridesmaids gifts!

Dainty and feminine - these make great gifts!

Dainty and feminine, and perfect for layering with your other Laura Gravestock bracelets!

Why not get creative with your jewels and treat yourself (or if you’re feeling very generous, someone else!) to a completely individual piece of jewellery? We’re already thinking of several pieces we’d like to commission…

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