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Kiss Her Cushions

Kiss Her Cushions, made with sumptuous silk, velvet & cotton

In the first of our ‘Design Lust-Haves’ blog posts, we’re looking at one of Laura’s favourite designers – Kiss Her, by Bianca Hall.

Originally known for her fun & quirky hand-pulled screen prints, Bianca has expanded her collection to include luxurious cushions and pillows, jazzy neon lights, tea-towels, cards and most recently, some seriously covetable ceramics.

A selection of the new graphic, hand-painted Plantation Mugs

We want every one of these new graphic, hand-painted Plantation Mugs! £20 each

Laura is lucky enough to own a ‘Silence Is Golden‘ print in sparkling diamond dust, (which is currently waiting to be put up!), and may even have one or two of Bianca’s beautiful cushions dotted around her home – the Kiss Her pieces are a fun and luxurious way to add colour to your living space.

The sparkling 'Silence is Golden' print is a totally affordable design classic with added oomph!

The sparkling ‘Silence is Golden’ print is a totally affordable design classic with added oomph! £120

And with smaller treats such as the playful Purses and Cosmetics Bags, featuring a cheeky zebra repeat and acid bright linings, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to something from this brilliant designer!ZebraSurpriseSmlPurseLRPSdsSRGBBianca doesn't shy away from a neon accent!

Bianca doesn’t shy away from a neon accent! ‘Zebra Surprise’ Oilcloth Cosmetic Purse £24

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